Motorsport Services

RP Motorsport Developments main objective is to assist its clients' become successful in motorsport.  We provide a practical and professional approach to your problems to take away some of the myths and so-called black art of race car preparation and race car engineering a potential championship winning race car. 

We don’t treat our clients' as another income source; we work as a team in which we aim to fulfill eveyones' goals.  We use cost effective race car engineering principles intelligently so you will be able to measure an increase in the performance of the race car and race team activities using the latest technology available.  After all, the clients and the success they will achieve with our assistance decide RP Motorsport Developments' reputation.​​

​We are always on the lookout for motorsport projects outside of the norm or racing categories we have not been involved with to aid our knowledge but to also bring new thinking to the potential client that they may not have experienced.

We may be able to offer on-site assistance for small projects.  For the larger projects, we prefer to manage and complete the work at our Melbourne based workshop located in Dandenong.

​For a complete description of services check our links below.

​​Please note we do not have the ability to transport vehicles to events or provide a full crew for national championships.  While we do have our own clients' we also support race teams and organizations who have invested in the infrastructure to supply arrive and drive deals and both are very important to our business model.

Race Car Preparation

We can provide pre-race event preparation, to end of season full rebuilds and historic race car restorations, whether the vehicle is competing at limited motorsport events or a full state or national championship.  Our experience allows us to perform and improve all aspects of the vehicle.

Track support is available for test days and race events for one-off occasions if required.

If you own your race vehicle and wish to prepare it yourself, we can assist by teaching you the finer points of race car preparation while using the very best of our race car setup equipment in our workshop.

On-site assistance may be available for certain projects but additional travel charges may be incurred to the customer.

​We also perform full rebuilds and performance upgrades for engines, gearboxes, diffs, suspension uprights and other mechanical systems. With the service we perform, we improve the life expectancy of the components through various treatments and finishes and are well suited to production vehicle racing that are required to retain original components.

Race Car Setup And Engineering

The main focus of this service is to provide track-side assisted race engineering to optimize the race car set-up, dependant on the driver's feedback and race data analysis.  We can provide this service for one-off test days or race events, or full championship attendance.

We also use a variety of 3D Suspension Analysis programs (eg - Susprog3D) to enhance the suspension geometry to optimize vehicle grip and handling.  We prefer to measure the co-ordinates of the race car ourselves to ensure accuracy and provide a detailed report on how or what needs to be changed for a gain in performance.

​We can also measure suspension anti-roll bar rates, torsional stiffness of components and calculate mathematical models using various programs to assist with race car setup changes for beginners (user friendly version) and for professional race teams (more complicated but also more accurate).

​Our recent projects include a National level Sports Sedan, ex-V8 Supercars, Formula Fords and Production-based late model racing vehicles.

Advanced Data Logging And Analysis

​​OPTION 1 (Beginners) - One-on-One race car data analysis tutor program, tailored to suit your particular requirements. You will be supplied with examples of data printouts and procedures on how to get the most out of your system.

OPTION 2 (Beginners/State Level) - We can provide an email/phone based service for race car data analysis while you are at motorsport events and only pay for the time it is required to analyze the data. This option has been used with success with clients who live and compete outside of Victoria.

OPTION 3 (State Level to National Level) - We can setup a data logger system on any vehicle, attend test days or race events and analyze your race data.  In our role and with our motorsport experience, we can also advise on race car setup changes if required.  Our complete package would include data analysis before and after each event, with a written report for the customer to review for the future.

OPTION 4 (National/Professional Teams) - We can provide advanced maths to help assist and develop the race car vehicle dynamics to improve performance.  We may be able to supply additional sensors for one off test days and development of vehicles.

​We have experience in various data logger programs including Motec, Pi, 2D Data, Aim Systems & Racepak Competition Systems

3D CAD Services

We can provide concepts, models, drawings and analysis of components and assemblies to meet your requirements based on our experience or your specifications, whether it is for the race car, pit equipment or specialized tooling

Manufacturing of New or Re-Production Parts

​​For anything we can't handle in-house, we have a reliable  number of companies that provide additional services at more competitive pricing than we can offer.  However we are able to assist in managing these projects via our suppliers that require fabrication, CNC Machining, 3D Printing or Laser Cutting of components and complete the final assembly for our customers.

​Our recent projects include the design and manufacturing of fabrciated uprights for a MGB race car, various suspension components for a Sports Sedan in the National Series, aerodynamic vortex devices, custom shock end eyelets and tooling for various projects. Keep an eye out for new projects on our facebook page.

Driver Simulations

We are currently creating a program to assist beginners and gentleman drivers to maximize there own performance driving the race vehicle to reduce there lap times and saving them money on the vehicle. The techniques can also be used for semi or professional drivers in need of coaching and to better understand the data that race engineers use.

Vehicle Lap Time Simulation And Tyre Modelling

We are able to obtain software which enables us to provide more accurate setup adjustments prior to each test and race event suited to your specific tyre and vehicle, reducing your costs in wear and tear of the vehicle and a rapid progression in vehicle development.

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