I am very grateful for the life experiences and people I have met in the motorsport community who have given me a chance to succeed and make it possible to be where I am now. Below are a few words from a variety of motorsport competitors I have been involved with. There are too many people to mention so thank you to everyone I have crossed paths with.

"I love your work Rob. The results are a testament to your design and engineering skill and a whole new world of suspension tuning is now available. Thanks for everything over the past 18 months." (Three race wins from three race starts on debut after designing and fabricating new uprights and suspension geometry for his vehicle)

Robin Bailey, MGB Vic State Competitor

“ With my experience in motorsport, working with race engineers all the way up to Formula 1 experience, it was instantly obvious to me Rob Palermo has the hallmarks of the established race engineers working at the top international level.   His broad understanding of chassis dynamics, his specialty in damper needs along with his calm approach places him in the top bracket.  What was particularly beneficial for me as a driver was his detailed data analysis and reports combined with his honesty.  When Rob gave me information and I was able to apply it, we went faster. And that is what a driver wants from a race engineer.”


www.bartonmawer.com (2016)

"Robert was a huge asset to our team throughout the 2010 season and put in place many practices such as record keeping, pre and post event planning etc which we still follow to this very day.  I have always found Robert to be extremely professional and always 100% dedicated to the task at hand.  Whenever we had a handling issue Robert was always prepared to put in the effort often putting in long hours and late nights until he had a solution mapped out in his head.  Robert's understanding of vehicle setup is extremely thorough and throughout his time with our team he improved the handling of our cars and also improved my driving as well.  I highly recommend Robert to anyone considering using his services in the future"

Drew & Aaren Russell, Novacastrian Racing - V8 Development Series Team (2010)

"RP Motorsport Developments played an integral role in the Team Mini tarmac rally activities for BMW Group Australia. Rob and his team demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and executed activities exactly to plan.  Their approach is thorough and process driven providing a targeted approach to resolving issues and achieving optimum results.  Not only has Robert demonstrated technical excellence, he was also able to successfully manage, on our behalf, a large team (drivers, co-drivers, technical crew, media liaisons, admin) all with diverse objectives.  I highly recommend Robert's services"

Justin Hocevar, National Manager Mini. BMW Group Australia (2007)

"During Robert's time I have learned a considerable amount from him, particularly in the area of data acquisition and weight transfer spread sheet operation.  Robert has also lifted my awareness in the importance of details with regard to set up sheets and also the importance of documenting facts so they can be accessed readily at a later date.  He has a very good understanding of vehicle dynamics with regard to spring rates, geometry and shock absorbers, in the area of ride as well as handling balance.  He has been one of the most influential members of the team in moving forward."

Wally Storey, V8 Supercar Race Engineer (2006)

"Robert's planning before, during and after events is presented in a thorough and professional manner to ensure that the car is capable of matching it with the best in the V8 Supercar field.  Through the use of data and my feedback, we have worked together to improve the cars performance at events and help my ability to find the best capable speed at various circuits.  He is an instrumental part of the team, which has enabled Tasman Motorsport to advance to the front of the field in 2005."

Jamie Whincup, V8 Supercar driver (2005)

"Formula One is a world of innovation and new ideas.  It requires dedication and long hours, with a wealth of experience to be gained.  The smallest attention to detail must be adhered to.  Robert never let us down, his conscientious approach set an example to all he worked with."

"His understanding of what a race car requires was very beneficial to the Vehicle Dynamics department in application to computer simulation programs."

Wayne Greedy, Hydraulics & Reliability engineer, Jordan Formula One (2001)